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With the health and wellness industry blossoming in India and a growing need for more female trainers , 321 Empowers mission of changing girls lives from survivors of human trafficking to certified fitness trainers empowers young women not only through strength of mind body and spirit but with educational skills that will allow them to seek employment and live healthy and independent lives. 


A pilot project has been completed over the past year with Prerana a Mumbai based organization that with the help of Mumbai’s police rescue young girls and place them in a safe house, providing housing , meals and education. Through 321 Empower fitness certification course 10 girls have graduated with a group aerobic certificate. With newly acquired strength training equipment that is now in a designated Gym in the girls house, further education has begun. 


As the girls must leave the facility once they turn 18 and recognizing the dangers they face on their own and without income, 321Empower has begun an apprentice program to save one of the graduates by supporting her transition into faculty at the home, and paying her a small stipend to do so as resident Fitness trainer. This same young girl travels to Prerana’s head quarters in Mumbais red light district and instructs exercise to the young children in the protection of the organization. 


As a second group of girls begin their education and more cities added on as additional sites including in Bihar and the South of India funding is needed to expand and to further the goals of getting the girls stronger and financially independent working in the wellness field. 


321 Empower is a federally registered charity in both the United States and in Canada. The organization is overseen in both countries by volunteer Board of Directors who lend their time and talents to the organization