Because Girls are just as valuable as Boys.

Be Their Chance For Change. 

3 2 1 Empower

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3.2.1. Certified Fitness Trainer Graduate

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$20         Provides a girl with the course materials to start their studies.


$30         Provides a girl with the necessary footwear and pair of socks.


$50         Provides a girl with exercise clothing and official 3 2 1Empower Trainer Uniform.


$120       Provides a girl with 6 months of weekly instructor training in the course.


$220       Provides a girl with 3 2 1 Certification for a 1 year time period.


$500      Provides 1 year room and board while graduate is apprenticing to become a trainer

Exercise Equipment For Training

$20         Purchases a yoga mat

$50         Purchases Neoprene dumbbell weights

$80         Covers the cost of Thera Bands

$100       Covers costs of mirrors

$100       Covers cost of weight bench

$100       Covers cost of Stability Balls