• Ramona Braganza

Dare to Dream Big!

If I could just give you just ONE piece of advice, it would be this – Dare to Dream Big!

How big is BIG? Think so big that it defies reason, after all if it’s reasonable it's attainable. I want you to dream so big it seems almost impossible…dream way outside the box. I certainly did!

As a young girl growing up in a small town in Canada I knew my destiny was to go to Hollywood to become a star. No one could understand where that desire came from, but I knew it came from a place deep within me, only later in life did I recognize that was the first step in my Souls journey and I followed it without hesitation.

By living true to my dreams I nurtured my talents of gymnastics and dance, I cultivated habits that would help me achieve my goals. I surrounded myself with images of the life I imagined, celebrity posters glued to the walls in my bedroom. I told friends of my plans during the day while journaling my next steps at night. I created a blueprint to my destiny.

At 20 I left for the bright lights of the city of Angels and never looked back.

What happened next was completely unexpected, sometimes when you aim for a specific goal, you will instead achieve other goals that will exceed your previous expectations.

While I did not become a star in the traditional sense in front of the cameras, I was offered an opportunity to use my God given talents of gymnastics and dance behind the scenes! First as a choreographer and then as personal trainer to a young actress named Jessica Alba who I worked with for over 12 years, I had found my true calling.

Achieving star status as one of Hollywood’s top Celebrity trainers my Big Dream seemed to be accomplished, and yet my soul journeyed forward to see what lay ahead and heard the calling to start 321 Empower.

As a charity whose mission to help girls saved from trafficking become fitness trainers the initial Dream I had as a young girl had evolved to help other girls Dream Big.

Dare to Dream BIG I say, where it may lead may astound you!

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